extreme usb 3.0 differ in way of connect

Few Years ago I bought SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 64Gb and it always occurs in the list of drives as HardDisk - see old_sd_64.jpg

Few days ago I bought the same type but in list of drives it is RemovableDisk, as (I think) should (new_sd_64.jpg). Mentioned two drives looks similar (old_new_sd_64.jpg) so what is the difference and how to make them the same (need the same type of connection)?

Images I put here: IMAGES

Years ago SanDisk made USB drives in support of Microsoft’s WinToGo which required them to be be seen as Fixed drives.  They only made them for a little while then stopped.  Now everything is Removable drives.

And no there is no way to convert them.