Models configured for Fixed Disk

I am looking for a USB 3.0 flash drive that is detected as a fixed disk.  

I had read SanDisk’s support article indicating all new drives would be configured this way:

I then went to the product page and selected SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive as it is the only one that actually indicated ‘NEW’ next to it.  Further researched indicated it was announced in July and seemed to first be available around August 2013 so I thought it would be safe.  However, I just received it and it is showing as a Removable Disk.

I am looking for clarification as to if this is expected on your latest model.  If so, are there any USB 3.0 models that do show as a fixed disk?

I decided to open a case with support to get some clarification - unfortunately I’m not left more confused.  Here is their response:

“We have discussed your case and would like to inform you because of compatibility issue in windows 8 the drive was not showing as fixed disk, so from now onwards all new flash drive will show as removable disk in windows 8.”

This seems to contradict their support article which says all new drives will be configured in Fixed Disk mode.  Did SanDisk reverse their decision

SanDisk has indeed reversed their decision re: Fixed vs. Removable.  Here is the last response I received from support:

"Thank you again for your feedback on our SanDisk Customer Satisfaction Survey. We have completed the review of your incident and we would first like to apologize for all the inconvenience caused to you. In regards to your question, we would like to inform you that the knowledge base article on the following link has been retired as the article is now obsolete because all sandisk drives are being moved back to the removable disk configuration and this is for all Operating Systems including Windows 8.

Hence, in no way we would be able to make the drive work as a fixed drive."

At this point I am just happy they have provided a definitive answer.  I do find it unfortunate as the fixed disk configuraiton was the sole reason I purchased this model.  However, others may be pleased they are returning to removable.

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I have confirmed the same with a SanDisk chat rep just now.  Unfortunately, they will not give me an RMA for my Local Disk version because it is “functioning properly”.  Nowhere in the specs is this issue documented so I could properly decide whether or not to purchase this version.  Now that it’s been corrected, they won’t take the item back???  Bad form, SanDisk.

I’m very disappointed in SanDisk who I’ve recommended for years.


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Why don’t you return it to the seller?  It would be faster than an RMA anyways.

Thanks for the quick reply, Ed.  This was a gift from my son who bought for me from an eBay store with his small, part-time job.  The point is that the manufacturer has changed their specs and didn’t inform the consumer.  I’m glad you changed them back and would like to exchange mine for what I need.

eBay purchases can be returned.  Ask your son to email you the receipt.

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The Flash “removable” or pendrives, units can become “fixed disks” eliminating the “removable bit” which is in its internal software. To do this, the simplest way is to use small software (free): [BootIt 1.07 (Lexar)].
Da Results for Lexar USB 2.0 models and other brands. So you can try for USB 3.0 and then you tell us.
You find it in Google, but if not, it is a bit old in my home folder (free), noncommercial public for the Community:   in alphabetical order with the following name: [USB Flash BootIt 1.07 [P] (Pass 123)].

Regards, Alfred.   (Spanish to English by Google).

FYI  According to thislinkthe current version of BootIt NG is 1.87.

BTW Cacho , do have a licence from Mozilla to distribute the FireFox versions on your site?.

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Señor Ed_P, de mi mayor consideración.
Lamento que se haya enojado conmigo. Yo sólo soy un usuario avanzado simple, autodidacta.
Por eso, he seguido su trayectoria, a través de 62 páginas de Post, especialmente los comentarios atinentes a U3, del cual yo soy fanático y he aprendido mucho de Usted.

Por ejemplo, lo del BootIt, me enteré de él en un post suyo, en el que trató el tema con la erudición que lo caracteriza. Entonces lo busqué por Web, lo bajé, lo estudié, lo probé (lo hago con todos los programas), y lo puse en mi Carpeta/Servidor para el simple disfrute de mis alumnos y amigos y del que quiera serlo.

Con respecto a la Comunidad, me impresionó la desesperación y el enojo de muchos consultantes, y por eso quise ayudar, a pesar del idioma diferente.
Si acaso pasé “algún límite” pido disculpas y voy a tratar de borrar mis link.

Con respecto al BootIt NG 1.87 no tiene nada que ver con el BootIt 1.07 de Lexar, es de otra empresa y se utiliza para cosas muy distintas a las que nombré en mi Post. Además NO ES FREE!!!
Justamente, otra cosa que aprecié en Usted, era que “marcaba” los casos de Spam encubiertos en los mensajes “como falsa ayuda”.

Con respecto a “mi sitio”, usted ya comprobó que “no es un sitio web”, sino simplemente una carpeta/servidor que la puedo hacer pública o privada a mi gusto, y que no es comercial, sino simplemente “intelectual”, didáctica y de trabajo personal.

Y el que quiere “mete la mano en ella” y el “que no quiere, no la mete”.

Menciona usted a Mozilla (realmente parece que algo le molestó), que es free “y yo no distribuyo  nada”, solo empaqueté, la versión de PortableApps en rar y para U3 que habían discontinuado, para fines didácticos, no comerciales (ya a nadie le interesa el U3…) y casualmente estoy en tratativas por otros motivos con ellos.

Quédese tranquilo que no se van a enojar por 10 o 20 bajadas de la versión U3, al contrario.

Los demás programas son pequeñas utilidades free para XP, (que también termina), versiones antiguas y caducas de otros (ya terminadas), es decir ninguno mayor de 50MB, etc. No se preocupe, que nadie se va a enojar por ello, además “Yo Soy el Único Responsable”. En mi país estos temas No Son Delito (todavía…).

Saludos, Alfred. 

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Ed_P Lord of my highest consideration.
Sorry it has been angry with me. I am just a advanced user simple, self-taught.
So, I followed his career through 62 pages of Post, especially those pertaining to comments U3, which I am a fan and I’ve learned a lot from you.

For example, what the BootIt, I found it in a post of his, in which he treated the subject with erudition that characterizes it.

Then I searched for web, downloaded it, studied it, tried it (I do with all programs), and put it in my folder/server for the simple enjoyment of my students and friends and you want to be.

With regard to the Community, I impressed despair and anger of many consultants, and so I wanted to help, despite the different language.
If I spent “some limit” I apologize and will try to delete my link.

Regarding 1.87 BootIt NG has nothing to do with the Lexar BootIt 1.07, is another company and is used for very distitas things that I named in my Post. Also NO FREE!!!
Just another thing I appreciated in You, was that “marked” cases of Spam messages hidden in “as false help”.

With respect to “my site”, you already checked that “not a website”, but a simple folder/server that can do public or private to my taste, and is noncommercial, but simply “intellectual”, didactic and for personal work.
And whosoever will, puts his hand, and who will not, no.

Mozilla mentions (really looks like something bothered him), which is free, “and I do not distribute anything”, just packed up, the version of PortableApps and U3 rar who had discontinued for teachers, non-commercial (and nobody Worth the U3 …) and coincidentally am in talks with them for other reasons.

Rest assured that they will not get angry for 10 or 20 downloads of the U3 version, on the contrary.

The other programs are small free utility for XP, (which also ends), old and outdated versions of other (already completed), that is no larger than 50MB, etc. Do not worry, no one will be mad for it, besides “I am solely responsible”.

In my country, these issues are not Crime (todavía…).

Regards, Alfred.         (Spanish to English by Google)

I’m unfortunately I seem to be in an direct opposite situation, my drive seems to be a set as fixed disk where I would like it to be removable - as that was what I bought it for:( I were going to use it as Windows 8.1 Recovery drive - I can’t do that now.

Sandisk support is no help - they dismiss you as soon as they can.

Any idea on how I get my drive to be removable - do Sandisk have a firmware upgrade?

Also, shouldn’t this drive turn up in windows as Sandisk drive - in both my Windows 7 and windows 8.1 it turns up as Generic - SD/MMC USB device?

Its this one - which I can’t find on Sandisk homepage - sddd-032g-g46  - 32GB Sandisk Ultra dual usb drive(1 micro usb plug and 1 standard usb plug). USB 2.0.

Hope someone can help me:)


Any idea on how I get my drive to be removable - do Sandisk have a firmware upgrade?

No, to both sides of the question.

Also, shouldn’t this drive turn up in windows as Sandisk drive - in both my Windows 7 and windows 8.1 it turns up as Generic - SD/MMC USB device?

Yes.  If it doesn’t I would suspect it as being a counterfeit.  Return it to the seller.

Hi Ed, unfortunately I can’t  - Sandisk support will not answer me, how many times I now have asked them why its showing up as generic instead as Sandisk - they say that it seems the drive is working and its only suppose to be used as a transfer tool between pc and tablet/android phone.

If I wanted a generic usb stick I could have bought it much cheaper, even my Kingston Data Traveler shows up as it should.


Last time I buy Sandisk


I hope you still read this forum. I am trying to obtain a copy of USB Flash BootIt 1.07.  Without success I might add. Can you help me? My direct email is  Thank you for any help you can provide. It is much appreciated.

Have a blessed day in Christ,

Mike Whitley

This link work for you?

Remember, Google is your friend.