expresscache software 1,2

on this webpage it says version 1.2 of expresscache software and no activation…where do i get that version???

There was an update today that apparently was not ready for launch.  I just so happened to have had my ExpressCache software open and running, when a popup said there was an update available.  This would’ve been the update from version 1.1 to version 1.2.  So before proceeding with the update I went to the webpage “Kreto” posted.  It showed the 1.2 update being released on april 5th 2013 (which was the current date) and had some decent fixes that made me decide to go ahead with the update…big mistake!

Once I tried to do the update there were several problems, and then when I got to the point of restarting my computer it woudn’t restart.  Finally had to shutdown the computer by pressing and holding the power button which I never like doing.  Once it was restarted the ExpressCache software showed that it was version 1.2 installed.  But it was acting a little strange.  Of course all my prior cache had been cleared, so it was starting fresh again which sucked, but also caused issues with every restart with my computer since, that caused the popup administrative action box to appear requesting that I accept the permission to run ExpressCache software.  It never used to do this with version 1.1 and so after a couple restarts I decided to just uninstall and remove the software version 1.2.  

When I went back to the webpage that posted the release notes about the software that was in “kreto’s” post… funny the release of version 1.2 was no longer posted.  My guess is that they figured out that there were several issues and had to pull it from distribution.  I am sure it will be back up in a few days and hopefully only when it has been fully tested.

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