SO I see mentioned on the forums that version 1.2 of software is out, and that 1.1 has a bug where it won’t do an update.

So I uninstall my Express Cache software and download the “new” one from Sandisk’s website.

I install it and try to enter my Activation code. It says Invalid code.

So I go back to website to check the faq. Sandisk website says version 1.2 of the software no longer requires activation.

Ok now I’m puzzled. So I load up Expresscache and check the version, its 1.1.0!!!


Where is the download for the new 1.2 update that doesn’t require activation?

Why wont the old 1.1.0 version accept my code?? It’s only been used on this one pc. 

So now I’m stuck with a Cache drive that doesn’t work because the software is saying my code is invalid. I can provide pictures of the code.

And where is version 1.2??

1.2.0 is available now. just see the links at the top of this board.