express 2GB music nowhere to be found!!!


recently bought a 2gb express (no radio) mp3 player.
i drag and drop my folders of music into it via windows xp.
however, some are nowhere to be found on the express.

i have firmware version:

found this link which seems to be the answer:

so i downloaded and installed the firmware updater.
went all fine, but the firmware is not getting ‘automatically’ updated.
tried this on another pc in the house and again… installs software fine (also XP),
but device does not get firmware update.

tried the ‘soft reset’ (+ & select button ‘at the same time’),
and although the express resets, still no difference.

express recognised as 2 drives on both machines, 1 can access, the other not.

i have read of others stating:
‘my pc recognized the device as an STMP3600 (not a Sansa Express)’,
but i’m not experiencing that.

i’m stuck!
any advice is much appeciated… thanks!

Automatic Updater may be a misnomer. I had to right click on the Updater icon and tell it to check for updates now. Hang in there, these things are really squirrely. (Strange things happen)…Jack

thanks Jack,
but I cannot even see an icon to click on!
where should it be?

First, make sure you have SP2 for Windows XP and Windows Media Player 10 or 11 – 11 is better for MTP portable device support which the Express uses.

Second, if the Express starts up, try formatting it from the settings menu on it.

Then, run the automatic updater. If you don’t have high-speed internet, look for the standalone updater links on this board.

As pointed out, though the updater is “automatic,” sometimes you need to click on the sansa updater icon in the system tray and select update to get it started.

If your Express isn’t being recognized as an MTP device (that should show “sync using Windows Media Player” as one of its option on connecting it), and instead shows up like a disk drive with a drive letter, it is in MSC mode. The updater may not work automatically in that mode (and it isn’t normal for Windows XP/SP2 with WMP11).

The Express in MSC mode is two drives, one in the internal memory, the other the microSD memory card (if any).

Now, as to some songs not appearing, if they don’t have proper ID tags they may not show up, though in MTP mode I’ve found them under unknown artist/album.

The STMP3600 device is what you get if you hold volume -, not plus, while connecting to the PC. You must have an internet connection in order for this to work (at least it did for me).