EXIF data?

Why does all EXIF data being wiped when transfering photos from SD card and moved to my iPad. Is this because the Sandisk app or something else?

Hey, that’s not all that happened.  Did you notice that the resolution of your photo was greatly reduced too?

I’m speculating that the iPad version of the software is inadvertently saving the “preview” version of the photo, the one that’s just large enough to fit your screen.  (That’s why you can’t zoom in when you view photos directly on your iPad.)  But, when you transfer the photo, it should go back and get the original file from the WMD or SD card (which will include the exif data you’re not currently getting).

Hi, when viewing the photo in the sandisk app, before transfering it to the iPad the resolution is reduced. That’s OK. When then transfering it to the camera roll on the iPad it will be in full resolution. Also OK.
But all EXIF data are now gone! Nowhere near OK!
No EXIF data are found iPhoto or Lightroom mobile.

Why does the Sandisk app strip EXIF data? Please fix!

I just check and you are correct. All my 18 mega pixel photos are transfered as 2.8 MP.

Thanks for the heads up!

Sandisk! Explain!

Any news about this?
Really bad that the Sandisk app strips all EXIF data!!
There is no reason that this should happen.

I cannot confirm that the resolution of photos is reduced. I just used the WMD to copy a few JPEGs from the SD Card to the iPad and then from the iPad to the SD-Card. The photos still have 4608 x 3456 pixel.

However, I noticed a small difference in size. For example, a photo copied as described has the size of 6.221.824 Bytes (according to the Windows Explorer), but the size of the original file is 6.241.280 Bytes. If I use the Apple SD-Card reader to import the photo on the iPad and then copy it on an SD Card with the WMD, the copied photo still has the size of 6.241.280 Bytes.

Another difference is, that the photo copied to the iPad with the WMD gets another name (for example IMG_0125.JPG, while the original name given to the file by the camera is P1010189.JPG. This could be a “feature” of iOS, because all photos stored in the camera roll album seem to be renamed to IMG_xxxx.JPG. By importing the photos with the Apple SD-Card reader, they are stored into separate folders and keep their original names.

As for the EXIF data, some of them seem to be missing. Both the IMG_0125.JPG and the P1010189.JPG files still contain camera, aperture and exposure time, but ISO has been changed to a wrong ISO-0 in IMG_0125.JPG, and the attribute for color space is empty (instead of ISO-800 and color space sRGB in P1010189.JPG). When I look at the EXIF data of the file copied with WMD from the SD Card to the camera roll album on the iPad (with the app Photogene),it says ISO 0 and color space 0.

So, it’s preferable to import the photos with the Apple SD-Card reader (that’s faster too) and then use the WMD to backup them on an SD Card, then EXIF data is not lost and the file size stays the same. That’s exactly the way how I intend to use the WMD because I do not want to carry a laptop while travelling.

By the way: I’m using an iPad Mini 2, Version 2.10.7 of the iPad app (I just saw that there is a version 2.11.0 since August 16th - must try it) and firmware version 2.93.