Europe vs. North America vs. "Rest of World"

Hi folks. When you start your Clip+ for the first time, it asks you to specify your region. Choices are:

North America
Rest of World

Judging from other threads here, choosing “Europe” limits the max.volume.

Question: Do any other functions/settings/etc. depend on the region selection ?

If yes , which?
If no , then what is the “North America” selection for? Europe and “Rest of World” would have sufficed then.

many thanks

Does the region also set the FM radio setting?  But then I think you can reset that yourself with the FM radio setting.

Am just speculating here based on what I’ve seen–I haven’t tried this out.

Thank you. It’s my first day with the Clip+, so I will need some time to figure out how everything works. If someone can quickly check this out in the meanwhile or otherwise happens to know what the regional settings are for, please don’t hesitate to post of course. Thank you.

In the meanwhile, if you want the higher volume option, just reset to N America or Rest of World, and then double-check the FM radio setting to make sure it is set for your area. 

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