Firmware Region Change on the Clip

I just upgraded my firmware to to 1.01.15 but in the process I mistakenly set my region to Europe (originally America). So I went back to the Sandisk Updater which allows me to change my region but there is no longer an America option … any on how to revert back to the America firmware? Doesn’t look like the Europe vs. America affects anything but I’d rather just stick with the original setting… help?

you cant, until there is a firmware update available… usually this is acomplished by using a lower firmware… you can call sandisk for a firmware rollbakc

I can’t even find that with the sansa updater.

After checking for an update, it should show the latest Firmware version available … right next to the version number there’s a little underlined hotlink that says something along the lines of “Change Region”. That’s where you can alter the settings … but seeing as I’ve had a little trouble there, I’d recommend not doing it unless you really have to. Currently with the “Europe” firmware, my Change Region options are limited to Israel and Arabic. America was originally an option when I first updated but now it’s gone.