Wrong product region


Checking ‘version.sdk’ I get ‘Region: Americas’ on my Clip+. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but I’m in Europe (UK) and am wondering if there are any implications regarding:

a) Returns if an error occurred (I bought it from Amazon.co.uk - so it’s legit)

b) Character set, my system is obviously a UK one and there seems to be a difference between the US and the UK locales (at least on Linux), I’m guessing there shouldn’t be an issue as the American set is installed to support other USB sticks.

c) Updates. Can I over flash with an EU version?

What is the difference between the regions on the player? Apologies for seeming a little blunt, but please only reply if you have experience with this ‘issue’ with the old clip, or if you have solid knowledge. Guessing isn’t of any use.


No worries.  If you install a new copy of the firmware (not available for the Clip+ as yet), you can change the region to EU if you wish.  As it is, the only difference you will see is the available higher volume threshold.

The FM radio can still be set to “world” giving you the EU frequency steps, without changing the region.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Excellent cheers,

I assume from this there is some EU rule forbidding people from being allowed to choose to lose their own hearing :wink:

Or, is it the American version which has it and my player is more confused than me.?

Oh well, on with trying to see if the battery ever lasts longer than a few hours…