Error in copied file on m250 -- Should I reformat or can I run CHKDSK?

I copied a large (3 hour 175 MB) MP3 music recording to my m250 and it has a glitch at about 80:00 that causes the file to stop playing. I listened to the file from my laptop (playing it off the USB connected m250) and I hear a weird thing at that point sounding like a 1 second segment of another file) but it continues to play when played by the laptop. I have a good version of the file, that’s not the problem. I’m thinking there may be something wrong with the m250’s flash memory, and wonder what I should do. Should I reformat it from my XP laptop? Can I run chkdsk against the m250 and thereby mark certain memory space as bad like it would (I think) with a HD?

Message Edited by Muse on 12-25-2009 11:20 AM