Need to Reformat?

I got an e250 that’s been somewhat problematic, this is the second one that’s been having problems I don’t know whether it’s because it doesn’t work well with my computer or it’s just a generally buggy model.

Anyway, I’ve been having this problem where I can’t delete some folders from the player or from the microSD card, I’m thinking the files are corrupted.  I’ve run the chkdsk function and it hasn’t worked, I’ve run an upgrade and still no avail.  I’ve tried even to replace the folders with folders of the same name but with the non-corrupted files and it still doesn’t work.  Now, when I turn on my player, all i can see is those two folders and none of the other music I’ve put on can been seen.

I’m thinking at this point, all I can do is try to reformat it and hope for the best, but I don’t know how.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Formatting should take care of it.

Also, when you run chkdsk, are you in MSC or MTP mode? 

I think on MSC mode, since I used the microSD.

But how do I go about reformatting it?  I can’t seem to find the procedure. 

There’s an option for it under Settings.  Last item in the list.

If you didn’t force it into MSC mode, it’s in MTP.  If you’re okay with formatting, though, then don’t worry about it. 

hmm… i can’t seem to find that option.  I see the reset setting option, but i remember having been able to format the player, it involved actually connecting it to the PC.  i think it was just to tell it to format the drive but i wanted to make sure it doesn’t wipe out the firmware running.

It won’t; the firmware is stored on a separate partition.

The Format option is definitely there under Settings; if it’s not the last option, scroll up a little from the bottom.