One particular m250 (v. 2.2.5a) glitches with a certain MP3

I have 2 m250’s, firmware versions 2.2.5A and 4.1.08A. The version 2.2.5A hasn’t given me problems other than those intrinsic to the 2.2.5A players (e.g. no accelerated FF/REW). The version 4.1.08A player is having a problem with one particular MP3 ( that the 2.2.5A does not! ). It’s a ~3 hour MP3 recorded with my iHP-120 iRiver player/recorder at 128 kbps bitrate, 44.1 frequency. After ~28 minutes the player suddenly goes to another MP3, even though the lock is on. I erased the MP3 and another large MP3 from the player and wrote the problem MP3 back to the player, but it still stops playing that file after ~28 minutes, switching to another file (again, with the lock on).

What might be happening here? I prefer to use the 4.1.08A player when listening to long files (e.g. ~3 hour) because of its support for accelerating FF/REW, however it’s not possible to listen to more than ~28 minutes of this file with the one I have.

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