m 250

Hi, I have a m250 and wanted to change mp3’s. I formated the m250 and showed up with no files. I than at 1st copied files to the m250 but the old files showed up. Formatted it again and did a drag and drop , same thing happened again. So turn on m250 and old files show up. Plug into computer and new files show up.

I am at a loss, any help would be much appreciated , thank you.

Did you format using a PC or Mac?

Formatted by 2 different PC’s and a laptop all running Win 7 pro.

Don’t have a mac.

Thank you for replying.

Hmmm . . . very strange then.

Yes it is, never happened before.

However read an article that when something is formatted it may not  necesarilly remove everything .


Should any one be interested please have a look at this article.


That was the drive behind my question, PC or Mac. We hear from a lot of people who delete and/or format from a Mac but don’t empty the Trash while the player is still connected. If you don’t, only the path to the files gets deleted, not the files themselves.

Yours appears to be an odd case. Just grasping at straws here, but given that the m200 series is such an old player, you may want to try formatting from a pc that still has Windows XP on it (if you can find one) or an old version on Windows Media Player as suggested in the owner’s manual.