Error code 43

My Sansa Clip+ has got a error code 43. It was on 3/4 power two days ago then overnight stopped working. When I proceeded to charge it, it would not accept. After a period of time (3 hours) it allowed me to connect it to my PC. However when I disconnected it the device proceeded the device became stuck on the refreshing screen (this happened twice, the first time it froze 1/20th into the refreshing process. The second time this happened it happened literally just before it finished. It has not proceeds to not be accepted by my PC as the drivers and giving an error code 43 since.
If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.

I have attempted holding the middle button, the middle button and the power button and the power button and the +volume button.

We are experiencing the same error code with our new SanDisk that we just purchased.  I would like to find a solution to this, so I don’t have to return.  I am afraid a new one will have the same problem.

I can confirm this. Reinstalling the driver actually fixed this issue.

Sometimes Reset NVRAM can fix this issue.
•Turn off your device and turn it on again. Make sure you execute the step 2 as soon as your Mac OS X device starts to boot.
•Hold the following four keys together: Option, Command, P, and R; for about 20 seconds and you should be able to see that your Mac is about to restart.
•Mac will proceed with the startup process. If you notice that some of the settings have been reset, such as the volume, time and date settings, or the resolution of your screen, make sure you adjust them on time.
if reseting of NVRAM can’t fix the issue following the Command RM to remove the file also works for me
Solution 1. Use RM Command to remove file

Before anything do the basic like running a windows troubleshooter just follow the guide wizard.
Click Start
Type Troubleshooting
Choose “Configure a Device” under Hardware and Sound
Click Next
Click Apply This Fix
check if you’re getting same error you can try other methods found on this website