MAC - crack


My Sansa clip is frozen… Everytime I turn it on, the screen just shows me the SanDisk logo… end then nothing happens. When I connect it to the computer (Mac OSX) I cant find it anywhere. When I connect it to a PC the computer tells me, that it can’t find the device because it does’nt have a suitable driver…
I just used the player for the first time 4 days ago.

Is there anything I can do…?

/ Levi

Have you tried it using it in recovery mode.

Hold switch on and press and hold center button of wheel. Then connect to PC

Then update the firmware.

I have the same problem - i can onply switch on and off the device. When I connecting to PC (after holding the power and th center button) I get an Unknown device error

Call sandisk tech support and see what they can do.


Make sure your computer has at least wmp10 and later…wmp11 is recommended…If you have all those things installed on your computer, then try to Format the device by going into the Settings and choose to Format to clean up whatever that might have corrupted the database and then try plug in your computer again…if all else fails…try to install this MTP porting kit to see if it will work.  Here is the link

he is on a Mac though, so I dont think the Windows MTP porting kit will work on his Mac…