Equalizer Acting as a Loudness Booster? Is This Normal?

Paul wrote:

Can I get a few people to try this and give me some feedback ? :slight_smile:


I Have noticed something about the equalizer and the volume. If I go to the equalizer menu and
switch from say Pop to Custom and then back to Pop or any other selection the volume is
louder?? If I leave it on Pop or any setting other than Custom and power down then power
up the volume is lower on these settings. Then if I go back to the equalizer and switch to
Custom it is louder. Again switchng to Pop does change the sound but it remains louder.
Is this normal? It seems that switching to Custom and then back to another setting acts
as a loudness boaster. Once the unit is shut off the loundness effect is off. I was
somewhat redundant here as I want to be sure people know what I mean :slight_smile:

How should I use this? Is this normal? Can others try this and let me know if they get
the same results?

Is this a defect, glitch or normal?
                                         thank you

Please do not create multiple topics, for the same issue.

You already posted about this here:   http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=m200&thread.id=407