Volume EQ Defect? Helpful Reply Would Be Appreciated :-)

I will try to explain this quirk with my volume and equalizer.
It doesn’t seem right. When I switch the equalizer from
Custom to Rock, Pop, Or Classical I have some
kind of glitch. If I switch from Rock to Custom it goes
up in volume as it should for Custom. However when
I switch back to Rock or POP or Classical it stays up
at the increased volume. Shutting the unit down and
powering back up restores it back to normal volume
for the Rock, Pop or Classical settings. Also I have
found that when I switch between Custom and the
other settings it sometimes goes goes back down
to nomal. So picture this!!   I am powering up my M250
with the equalizer previously set to rock.
I then play a song. As the song is playing I go to
the equalizer settings. I see it is on Rock. Then I
switch it to Custom. It changes the sound and boosts
the volume as I assume it should. Well then when
I set it back to Rock or Pop Or Classical it keeps
the increased volume as it changes to the other
sounds. Another example is that once it has stuck
on the boosted sound if I move through the equalizer
settings it occasionally engages to the lower sound.
It seems like some glitch when Custom is sellected
it sticks at a higher volume. The sounds do change
but the high volume carries over from Custom until
I power down and power back up.

So I want to know why this is happening?? Should I return my unit?
I’ve only had it a week. Does this glitch happen on all the units?


I have not heard of that before.  What FW do you have?  Have you tried a FW Update?

I have it up dated to the latest Firmware. Any ideas on what I should do?


Are you sure you understand my problem?
Can someone try it and see if they all do this?

You see it does change sound effect as a scroll
through the equalizer settings. I can distinguish
the different equalizer sounds.

What it does is when I scroll to custom it raises the
sound for the custom setting. Then if I move it to
Pop or another setting it does change sound but
it carries over the raised volume.  Here’s how to
test it.  Have the volume up at a fairly high level and
play a song.  Open the equalizer and scroll to custom.
Now switch to Rock. Note how loud it sounds. Set it
to Rock. Now power down. Now power up. When I do
this it is a quite noticeably lower volume on power up. Now if I
go back and scroll the equalizer it will be at this lower
volume until I scroll to custom and then it locks all
settings to the higher volume. Again it does not affect
the variances in the sound settings.

Could this be on all players but nobody will bother to
check? :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to get any help here so I’m returning the M250
to Circuit City.

                                   thank you

in my opinion, its not that big of deal. I tried it on a friends m200 and I it does seem to do what your explaining, if I’m even understanding it right.

and the m200 has 4 different versions of firmware, just because you have the latest wouldnt tell wether its version 1,2,3, or 4.

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Paul wrote:

It is Firmware 4. 8 something. I don’t have it right with me.

Thank you for your reply Enigma. If I were to be convinced
this is an inherent quirk to all m250s I would live with it.
However I am not convinced yet :slight_smile:

What it does it after scrolling to Custom it locks in
the volume at a higer lever for the other settings until
the unit is powered down. How should it be played
on the other settings? With the incresed volume or
powered down and up at the normal lower volume?

Any more feedback from folks whether all units do
this would be appreciated. Perhaps we can report
a bug.

Paul wrote:

I received this response from Sandisk Support. Any suggestions??

Hello Paul,

Thank you for contacting SanDisk Technical Support. We appreciate the assistance in resolving this matter.

I have tried to duplicate your issue but unfortunately was not able to. It seems that you player needs to refresh its database whenever you switch from the custom equalizer to a preset equalizer.

Should you have further concerns, please do reply to this email.

Best regards,
Hazel E.
SanDisk Technical Support

Paul wrote:

I had not tried adjusting the Equalizer’s band settings yet.

Well seems after I adjusted the Frequency bars it has
eliminated the problem I had with the volume carrying
over to the other settings. It seems to have fixed it
completely! It was definately noticable before. Now
it’s unstuck.

Well, if anyone else asks make sure they have tried
to fine tune the Custom Bars :slight_smile: