Eliminate "Refreshing Your Media" and free-up 200MB for more music!

NOTE: This is only useful if want to install Rockbox (RB), and don’t want to use the original firmware (OF).

NOTE: You will temporarily be unable to run the OF if you do this. You can connect USB through the OF, and charge or transfer files, but right after you disconnect, you will get this message “Not enough space for music DB. Please free 90MB”, then it shuts down – at that point, I boot RB.

First install RB.

There is a dir on the root of the Fuze v2 called “##PORT#”.  You can only see this dir through RB (once they enable USB in RB, you will also be able to see it when you connect to computer through RB).
If you look in this dir, you will see a file called “Object.dat”.  On my 4GB Fuze v2, its’ size is 177MB.

NOTE: The following instruction will permanently delete the music and videos that came pre-installed on your Fuze.

Delete the entire ##PORT# dir, and fill the device with files until there is less than 177MB of free space.
Tada! No more “Refreshing Your Media”.

NOTE: Any time you want to use the OF to charge or transfer files, the player must be off before you connect to the computer.
If you want to boot the OF again, just delete files until you have over 177MB free space, and ##PORT# (and it’s files) will be re-created.

(the file-sizes and free-space sizes may differ on your player – mine is a Fuze v2 4GB)