"Not enough space for Music DB please free 90Mb" HELLLLLPPPPP!!

i just got a new fuze yesterday and i put some music in there and now all the sudden a screen comes up and says “not enough space for music db, please free 90mb” then automaticlly shuts off. so then i take out 90mb worth of songs and it still comes up. so then i take out all the songs and it STILL comes out and i cant even format my fuze because after the screen comes up it automaticlly shuts off and repeats. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.

Did you try resetting the player? Hold the power on switch in the up position for at least 10 seconds. See if this solves the problem. Another idea might be to insert a micro SD card into the player while it is off, so when you turn it on it forces the directory to be rebuilt.

Try the ChkDsk/Error-Checking

steps. Can’t hurt.