Easy question from newbie

I just bought a (supposedly) new Fuze 8GB from Best Buy, but it had a bunch of music files already in it.  Is the Fuze supposed to come with pre-loaded music tracks, or did I get a used/refurbished product?



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mine come with pre-loaded music and a video, and my was in a plastic *hard* sealed from a etailer

so yes, its much like the “■■■■” you get on your brand new laptop or PC from HP

btw while your new you should check out

Video4Fuze = Best way to convert videos for fuze


YAPL Fuze = Best way to edit playlists on fuze 



Thanks for the reply.  It’s not odd that a brand new Fuze would come with 17 pre-installed MP3 files and 2 pre-installed movie files?  This is normal? 

(By the way, as someone whose most recent music is from bands that broke up 20 years ago, I deleted all these files.)


Yes, it’s normal. SanDisk wants you to see that it can play music and video. The bands think you’ll like their music. 

To get rid of them all at once, go to Settings/System Settings and Format.

Thanks. everyone.