e280 newbie need help please?

Right off the bat I want to apologize if I am asking a question that has already been asked a thousand times, but I am new to this forum and I signed up because I believe this is the place to get my questions answered.  I had just purchased the e280 about 2 days ago(my very first mp3). And I signed up to rhapsody to go and had been transferring music to my device for about a day now without any problems when all of a sudden when I plugged my device to my pc to conitinue to transfer it just stopped reading my device on my pc. After all the steps that I had taken in authorizing both my device and pc via the help of the rhapsody tech. When I called them back on this issue they had stated that I need to contact sandisk because there could be an issue with my firmware needing to be upgraded.  I would greatly appreciate any help on what I should do next. Please help.

…Well if the player isn’t recognized by the computer, it’s unlikely that a F.w update will fix the issue. Sadly, a firmware update, is rhapsody’s solution for everything… so… ya.
Now on to the problem at hand ;)   When you plug the player into the computer, does it say connected on the player? Or connecting?
If it says connected, open up my computer and check if the player is showing up. If its not showing up there, close the My Computer window, and right-click on the My computer icon and select Manage. Then select Device Manager and check to see if there is anything under “Other Devices” or anything with either a “!” or “?” next to it. (Btw you’ll be looking at the big window on the right once you click on Device Manager, if you’re not familiar with it) If you see one of those symbols, (and the device is relating to the player (either mass storage device, or Portable device or something like that) right click on the device and select Uninstall driver, once done, unplug the player and reconnect it.
If that doesn’t work, let us know, or call sandisk. If they can’t fix it they’ll RMA the player (within warranty) or we can keep going here. (I need to get the dust off my keyboard anyway :))

I read your comment and I have a similar situation.  Windows explorer won’t recognize the player so I can drag and drop files using explorer, but it shows up in media player and musicmatch.  Would like to save the songs in the player now to a file and can’t without explorer recognizing the devise,


Gary Hardee

Older (version1) players had an option in settings to put it into MSC mode, so you can drag and drop.

new ones (Says the model number followed by v2 on the back-bottom) you have to turn it on, put the hold switch on, then hold the LEFT button |<<

THEN plug it into the PC.  If it’s a v2 you have to do this everytime you plug it in to use exploder.

Is this Evaristo who went to UNH many years ago?  If you are the one, please contact me at the email: rockyfoxy@yahoo.com  -  Thanks.

wanted to thank you - the question i was researching was answered with this post.


ddhockey wrote:
wanted to thank you - the question i was researching was answered with this post.


Good Stuff!!!

This thread is old- you can now update the firmware on a v2 so that you can change it to MSC or MTP from the “Settings” Menu.