E280 and Fuze


I have the Sansa E280 . Now ,because it doesn’t work any more i have to send it back to SANDISK. Now they’ve told me that they have no E280 left and they have to send a Sansa Fuze to me . Now my Question. Whats the difference between those players which one is better and should i  demand a compensation ?

(sorry for my bad english )

The Fuze is better than the E280, especially the V1 E280. It has better sound quality than the V1 E280, and longer battery life than either version of the E280. The battery on the Fuze isn’t replaceable though. The wheel is better on the Fuze.

The Fuze is the successor to the e200 series.  Other than no lanyard, and the headphone plug on the bottom, I guarantee you’ll enjoy the Fuze.

As mentioned above, compared to the v1, you’ll be simply amazed at the changes.  The latest firmware release adds even more features.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

The only major drawback is that you can’t put Rockbox on the Fuze.  In every other way (except the unreplaceable battery) the Fuze is better than the E280v1.

I have both a Rockboxed e280V1 and a Sansa Fuze - and without question the Fuze is better, hands down, because of the outstanding audio quality.  While I loved the album art options and on-the-fly playlist support of rockbo - audio quality needs to be the number one factor for me. 

You are not the only one.  I had an E280 8GB, it died on me…figured it was just because it was refurbished so I sent it back, and got a fuze from a different site.  (first was compusa, next was Newegg)  now, just getting the Fuze but MAYBE a day ago…it has officially DIED again!?!  I don’t know if it is just my bad luck or something, but **bleep**, how can I get two different styles within a month and a half and have both of them die on me?    How is that fair?