E260 v2 Plays Background Music Only

I’ve searched the forum as well as the internet and cannot find the solution so far.  Approx 3 wks ago, my player was going “in and out” with stereo sound and as of 3 days ago, I can only hear the “background music”.  I’ve tried resetting, formating, updating firmware to the best of my ability per instructions on this site but to no avail.  I hope there’s a solution short of bidding for another on Ebay as I absolutely love my legacy player.  Thank you. 

It’s actually version v03.01.16A if that will help any.  Thank you.

You’ve got a bad/broken headphone jack (or more realistically, a disconnected or shorted wire to the jack), a common problem in the e200 series. That is what’s causing your “Karaoke” effect. If you’re handy with a small-tipped soldering iron (or know somebody who is) it can be easily fixed. The e200 series was designed with a replaceable battery, so taking it apart is a breeze.

Have a look at this thread about how to repair it. You may be able to Google some more tips/pictures as well.