Faint vocal on E250

I have searched the forum, but could not find my problem.  I have a Sansa e250.  All my music plays the instrumental okay, but all the vocals sound like they are in the background and very faint.   It is on all albums of all genres, older loads and new ones.  I tried an update of the media updater, tried changing back and forth from MSC and MTP mode. No luck!  Anyway I can bring the vocals forward?


Most likely a headphone jack issue.

To expand a little on Tapeworm…if the plug is not all the way in the jack, you’ll get not the whole stereo mix but the difference between the left and right channels. Vocals are usually in both channels, with the instruments spread out. Since that same vocal is in both channels,  the vocals get subtracted and it’s karaoke time.

Twist the plug in the jack or push it in (a little) harder. If that doesn’t work, the unit is probably defective. 

Thank you both so much.  After I posted last night I relized the headphones were the only thing I hadn’t checked.  If I pulled the plug out about half way, it improved the sound.  They were rather new headphones, but I guess new ones can fail quickly.   I got some new ones this morning and that solved the problems.  Thanks again.

Good deal . . . much better than having to re-solder the jack leads inside. The e200 series is kind of known for having weak/lousy soldering here, sending many to the trash bin. Glad to hear that wasn’t the case for you. :smiley: