e260 gone crazy? Finally a FIX!!! Not enough space for music, explorer freeze, etc...

I first noticed there was a problem when every time I plugged my device in and Rhapsody would freeze.  I thought it was a Rhapsody problem.  After many hours I realized it was a Sansa problem.  It was saying “Not enough space for music DB…” and it would freeze Explorer (and my computer many times) Finally after hours on this board, I figured it out. 

Open Disc Management.   (For Windows 7 I clicked Start, and entered diskmgmt. msc  into the search field)

Plugged in Sansa

Waited about 15-20 minutes and it finally showed up in Disc Management

Then I right clicked on (F: ) my device, and it froze.  Waited another 20 minutes or so, and it unfroze.

Then I clicked Format, it froze.  Waited another 20 minutes or so, it unfroze, and it was done! 

I unplugged it and it is back to normal!

Hope this saves someone all of the hours I spent trying to figure this out.  :slight_smile: