E250 v1, got a black screen after 2gb flash drive format any ideas on how to fix?

HI all, I have a fab old sansa e250, probably v1. I bought a 2 gb flash drive to hopefully expand its storage to total 4 GB. To today I was trying to load some songs and I was looking at the storage in windows explorer 10, and when I put in the new flash drive I got a message saying I must format the drive. So I went ahead and clicked ok and not much happened and now the screen is black.

I tried the power /menu button hold down to do a reset, nothing, i also removed the battery, tested it and cleaned the contacts. and removed the flash drive.

When i insert the usb charging/ data cable I hear the computer go beep so it seems to recognize something, altho the sansa does not appear in explorer drive list any more.

Any ideas? I do love this thing.