e250 Recovery Tool

How do I get past the “Welcome Recovery Tool” message after my e250 crashed?

I turn my player on & get a black screen & an illuminated blue ring.

Is it possible to find out my e250 version, while in this Recovery Mode, so I can download any available firmware/software/updates/ fixes?



Once you connect it to the PC while on recovery mode it will be recognized as 16MB format drive. Inside that drive will be  a file “Version.SDK”. You will find the version number there.

Much simplier step  is to check the back part of the Sansa bottom right if it says e250 or e250R.


If updating the Firmware does not work, create a folder inside 16mb format drive and rename the folder to Sansa.fmt. Note that this will do a force format on the device erasing all files once you unplug it.