E250 Display BROKEN! Any parts available?

Unit is totally functional, you just have to guess what you’re doing!

Display got mashed and just has black blobs and a white background.

I havent taken it apart yet to see if the display is removable but thought someone out there may have been disassembling or knows where to get another display.



The LCD screen is connected with the teensiest-tinyest ribbon cable and cannot really be user-replaced as there would be about 20 or so micro-solder dots spaced approx. 1/32 of an inch apart.

For the v1 device, a broken one can be found very cheap, and the main PCB with the LCD connected can be swapped.  Your memory module can be transferred to the final assembly.  It might be a better idea, since you are dealing with an e250, to transfer the whole collection of music to your PC, then find an e260/270/280 with more available memory.

Soldering the fine ribbon is best done with an “air pencil” type soldering station.  These are very expensive tools.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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