Replacement parts

Hey guys… I have looked almost everywhere. I am looking for a place to get replacement screens, batteries and cases for my Sansa e250, e260, and e270

Can anyone help with this?

For some parts, it’s best to shop on eBay for DOA units you can get cheap to scavange. Radio Shack (and also sellers on eBay) have replacement batteries. And since the e200 series has been discontinued for a long time now, eBay would probably be your best choice to try and find cases for them too.

Ok, so I guess there is no chance of getting new screens from anywhere then, huh?  None listed on ebay

I doubt you could change the screen out even if you could find one separately. There’s only about a gazillion teeny-tiny solder points on the circuit board.

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I just got an e200 battery from Amazon for about $7 + shipping.  One plus is it is rated 1350 mah, cmpared to the original at 730.

Once you get the back off (jeweler’s phillips head screwdriver) the battery is just a drop-in, no wrestling with tight connectors or solder. 

I’m trying to buy replacement rechargeable battery for my Sansa e200R Rhapsody mp3 player.  Sandisk web site is no help.  Radio Shack shows batteries for e200 Rhapsody and a lot of others, but not for e200R Rhapsody.  I wouldn’t be overly concerned about ordering the e200, Radio Shack does list batteries for e280R, etc. which makes me think the R is important.  Can anyone tell me whether the e200 Rhapsody battery will work in my e200R Rhapsody.  Sandisk P/N for my existing battery is 54-57-00046.


All e200 players use the same battery, and the e200R is the same device as the e200v1, just with a different firmware file installed.

All the e200 variants use the same battery. The “R” in the model # simply stands for Rhapsody. All the different numbers (e250, e260, e270, e280) are just different sized internal memory chips.