Good source for 280 replacement battery?

  My 280 battery is providing less run time, not surprising as it must be near 5 years old and used every day.  I figure by now they should have higher capacity than the original 750mah but I also know there are a lot of sketchy off brand cells out there.  I saw some 1300mah cells on Amazon  but some of the reviews talk about getting a DOA unit.  I’d rather have a good 750mah cell than a crappy "1300"mah cell.  The Radio Shack cells that I’ve seen are only 650mah.  Any other good sources?

The “Efocity” battery is very good, I can attest to that!  I’m running one in my e280 at present.  Shipping was very fast, so I’s recommend this Amazon vendor.

As for the superior rating, it does have merit.  The battery life indicator had to be recalibrated on the Sansa, as it is significantly bettter than the original 750mAh battery.  Lithium-ion batteries have improved in the past few years in terms of energy density.

If you look closely in the photo, there’s a square logo with four linked arrows. Usance  is the original equipment supplier for the e200 series battery too, so it’s a good unit.

After charging the battery, simply let the device run until it shuts off automatically, this way the Sansa learns the capacity of the new battery.  After a few charge cycles, the little guy runs for a very long time!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: