e240 Freezes after micro SD card is removed

 I have removed my 4gb micro SD card from my e240 not too long ago and now it has continuously been freezing at the welcome screen. Once I insert the micro SD card it works fine again. The firmware has been updated, but it still continues to freeze. May there be any possible way of fixing this mishap without reformatting the e240 or keeping the card inside?

I have the exact same problem and it makes me… 

But my second problem is, that the card doesn’t hold in the player, so I have a rubberband to hold the card in place. It would be great if there is ANY solution for this problem. and the recovery mode at my e250 v2 doesn’t work, it starts totally normal when trying. greets from Germany 

Ah, your microSD sled needs a wee repair.  Check this out.  If you’re careful, the spring can be realigned.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: