E200v2 playlist support inadequate

This is more of a bug report than a feature suggestion.

This message board, and more so this one, is full of users asking how to get their playlists working. Common to most reports are that the player sees the playlist file but shows an empty list (unless the songs reside in the same folder as the playlist).

Adequate playlist support should be considered essential to the players function and doesn’t seem to have been given sufficient attention by the firmware creators.

With 8GB on board I can hold up to 3000 songs, now what am I supposed to do, put all songs in one folder so I can create playlists that reference arbitrary songs on the player? I’m being sarcastic, obviously you want some kind of file organization on the player, albums, categories etc.

This really shouldn’t be so hard, especially seeing m3u files, located anywhere on the player, are found and will function correctly if the files are in the same folder. The only next step to make everything sweet is to interpret the file path correctly.

It’s as easy as this,

for each file in playlist
if (filepath begins with )
interpret file path as from root
interpret file path as relative to playlist folder
next file

I’m sure by getting this right you will make a very large number of your customer base much happier.

Dissatisfied e280v2 owner.
(firmware V03.01.16A)

Amen to that – how hard is it to fix this problem that so many people are having???

Rockbox STILL appears to be the only solution to Sansa’s crappy firmware, even 3 years later!!! This really ticks me off. I now see why people have I Pods.

  1. The e200 series has been discontinued for a couple years now, so obviously no firmware updates have come out for it since then.

  2. The firmware on the e200 series works quite well actually; hardly crappy.

  3. I have had no problems in creating and managing .m3u playlists on my v2 player using Winamp. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to do it. It also works with any of the Sansa players that have come out since.