Playlist Problems HELP Please !!

Hi there ! First post here and unfortunatley, its about a few problems. 

I’m having problems with plalists and don’t knw how to fix. Ok, I create the playlist in Nero in M3U format, encode the files

off a CD to MP3 and then using Wexplore, copy them to the Clip. The playlist goes into the Playlist folder and the MP3s

into the Songs folder. Ok, this worked sorta fine for the first three playlists.  Now herer are the problems:

  1. When I try to play a playlist from the playlist folder, it shows the playlist as empty. The playlist does however show up

in the Albums folder and the first three played fine from there.

  1. Ok, the fourth one I added shows up in the album folder as Unknown for a title. It plays all of the songs fine however.

It shows up in the playlist folder as Unknown and ‘empty’ when I try to play it from there.

  1. The fifth one I added does not show up in the Albums folder at all (the only place I can play any of the playlists from).

It shows up in the playlist folder, but shows up as empty when I try to play it.

I used the exact same creation and copy method for all of them and am obviously getting different results. All songs

I copied over show up as individual songs and play just fine. The playlist function is highly unreliable at this point.

If anyone has encountered this problem and have a workaround, please let me know. I do enjoy my clip, when it acts right.

I just want to properly finish loading all my music and playlists so I can listen to my favorite stuff when I’m practicing my golf

swing at the driving range.

Thanks folks !

Hey Guys,

ANYONE have an issue like this ?

ANY ideas ?

Are there any support numbers I can call ?

otherwise BUMP !

Did you look for the telephone support numbers at the SanDisk website?

Playlists need to specify the path to the mp3 files on the device.  The simplest way to do this is to generate the playlist with no path information, then put the playlist file in the same folder as the music.  This way you needn’t worry about what files are in what folders.

M3u playlists also require the song title and artist name in order to show up in the list, not just the file name.  Nero should do that, as should most good playlist -making apps, but they need a source for that information.  If your encoding program is putting proper tags on the files, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Did this last night and got the problem fixed using WMP. Thanks for your expert advice :slight_smile: !