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I just purchased a Sandisk Sansa E280.  After experiencing problems (lock up at 93%) converting many of my WMV files that were rendered from Roxio/Sonic 7.5 VideoWave and not having ANY SUCCESS with my MPG files of same videos also rendered from RS 7.5, I returned the e280 to Costco.  I did that for two reasons, 1) I have no problem with any other program (WMP 10 or otherwise) to read the RS 7.5 videos and 2) it is apparent to me that you are not listening to your customers.  I read the problems others are having with your Media Converter 2 and then noticed your release date is November.  This tell me you think all is ok with your s/w.  I see nothing concrete at the forum that tells me you even RESPONDED to any of the problems (and others have stated same prob as I have).

Well, I decided to repurchase the e280.  I felt you will eventually release an update that solves these problems.  You can tell me there is a flaw in frame that RS 7.5 creates.  You can tell me to try Any Video Converter, you can tell me to install codecs and more codecs.  What you need to tell ALL OF US IS YOU ARE WORKING TO SOLVE YOUR S/W PROBLEM and provide an estimate when you will release your next converter.  Haven’t we provided sufficient information that supports this is YOUR PROBLEM.  Gee, 86 MB install and still you can not include all that YOU need to handle ALL that is out there.

When will you resolve the problems/release a new converter?

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PS: I tried WMP 11 - no help either

I wouldn’t hold my breath.   :frowning:

I doubt you’re the first to email them with complaints - and in fact they have a whole section of their forum devoted to the topic. 

And I’m posting in it right now !!    :-o

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One thing i noticed over the last few days i’ve been working on all those issues. You get a better support if you phone the helpdesk then if you simply write to support. Even if you do a reply under the support system (with a case number), you’ll get a faster response if you call back the helpdesk with your case number on hand.

And to prevent having to phone over and over on the same issue and going through level 1, then level 2, etc… The first thing you should ask when you call the helpdesk is to open a trouble ticket to get a case number. Once you get that case number it is a lot easier to do your escalation to the more senior technicians over there.

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