Sansa problems

Okay, I’ve given time and effort- lots of effort- into this Sansa Fuze. I’ve tried everything I knew to try and nothing works I’ve gone on here and found so many others who have the same trouble with SMC and videos. I bought a video player for Christmas and I cannot play videos. Also, I called support (left a message since no one ever answered my call) and emailed them. I have gotten no reply. I don’t believe it is a threat to say I’m getting the Ipod equivelent. Others say they will bump their message often and they get warned that they may get removed from the boards. Some believe such a thing is coercian, intimidation etc. I simply think that most on here are trying really hard to use the thing they bought or recieved as a gift to it’s full potential and are frustrated at their inability to do so. I’m taking my Fuze back today and getting the Ipod version. If SanDisk wants to make a product to rival the Ipod then they need to back it up with support REPLYS and with better technology. When they know things aren’t working on this scale they should put some effort into fixing it. So far, as I have seen, nothing is being done- at least on my end. I should not have to be a Computer whiz to get the videos to work.

And now, I know it is not just me who has trouble. People on here are threatening to report messages that just want a solution. I’m sorry, but that is not good customer support. I think maybe SanDisk just needs to have all their products returned and then maybe they will make a better product. When they start losing customers and money (which I think is the only way to get to them, that’s the only language they speak) maybe they will make a better product.

I appreciate the help offered but this is a problem that shouldn’t have existed. SanDisk needs to create a better device and then we won’t have problem.

Is there a question in here anywhere?

Videos…i’ve converted with the Sansa converter with no problems whatsoever…as for SMC…I don’t even know what that is.

SMC = Sansa Media Converter


I have to say that I agree with you 100%.

I’ve had my Fuze since pretty much since right after they came out. It is my 2nd mp3 player, and the 1st video player.I have a boatload of money invested, between the altec lancing 413, mini speakrs, microsd cards, cases, etc. Got hit with the guppy effect big time.

I really really (one more time…really)like my Fuze…it sounds awesome, a fine device, and when it works, awesome video.

I got some gift cards from ebay, and am really considering starting over. The Archos 5 looks sweet! Also the Cowon s9. Both pretty pricey, but if I can get a good price for my Sansa stuff…

I wouldn’t even be considering that, except I’ve tasted what a small pocket player can do…to bad sansa can’t figure it out.

This from a real world consumer who sure chafes at the thought of spending more money when I already own a device that is supposed to play videos!

I posted somewhere else asking if anyone wanted to copy my dvds to my microsds…I said it in jest, but that’s almost where I’m at…I sure can’t do it so they come out right.

From what I’ve read on the Archos, loading it with video content isn’t an issue.  Hmmmmmm.

Obviously, there is no question here. It seems that there must be some administrator or moderator for SanDisk who views these and if no one will answer my calls or emails then I put my complaint on here.

If it is so easy to convert/use videos on here why do so many complain on here?

I’m not a techie (I admit that) but this many people saying similar things about the SMC (Sansa Media Converter) suggests a problem with the product, not the users.

But, for any SanDisk support tech who may see this, I have taken my Fuze back and myself, my family of 6 will not buy another SanDisk product. We all use SD cards, Media players (which, if mine had worked we would have gotten more like it), Flash drives and so on. And I know our purchases are not enough for SanDisk to be truly hurt by but there are probably others who see now that despite their expectations SanDisk is really an unrelible company who makes inferior products and doesn’t back them up at all.

Anyway, folks can dislike my post as they will. I’ve taken my Fuze back and will patron someone else. Thanks to all the helpful people on here. I know this isn’t the forum’s fault, it is a SanDisk problem and so hopefully since no other communication gets through to them, this will.

caroline…take a chill pill!

It’s only a $65 mp3 player for crying out loud.  Go spend $300 on an iPod and you’ll have a right to complain.

It’s not meant to be “equivalent” to an iPdo, only different.  (and a heck of a lot cheaper too)

Everything is essentially close to perfect for music, FM radio, photos and voice record.

It’s just that the player is NOT meant to be a fantastic video player. It’s a nice “extra” but not the main deal. 

It’s only the video that is a bit kludgy.

There have been many posts here regarding the problems and there are solutions.  but yes, you do have to have some willingness to venture down the technology road.

In the Mac world not much is asked of you.  And so honestly you may be better off with a Mac.

You’re right, blackdog, but there’s nothing in the marketing that indicates the Fuze is such a kludgy video player. I’m not even sure how they’d properly market its limited video functionality.

I’m not sure there’s anything in apple’s marketing about what a PITA using iTunes is (all they Synch issues, copyrighted files that you pay for, etc)

 Obviously it’s an attractive package to millions and millions of users so who am I to criticize success.

Out of curiousity, does apple do periodic firmware updates for previously sold devices?

@blackdog_sansa wrote:
Out of curiousity, does apple do periodic firmware updates for previously sold devices?

Yes, they do! Some updates are required to allow the iPod to work with new versions of iTunes. Other updates are required to break compatibility with other things…e.g. was compatible with the iPod for a few months, then Apple released an update so that would no longer work (and required that update to use new version of iTunes, and required new versions of iTunes to purchase with credit from iTunes cards!).

Oh, you mean updates with additional functionality!? How does that encourage people to buy new iPods?!?!? :smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy::smileyvery-happy:

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Gee Whiz mine works fine.  The Sansa media converter worked.  I put in 3 music videos to see if it would work.  It did.  I put in some photos to see how they looked, they look OK but cropped full face shots work better.

I find the SanDisk Fuze to be a great little player.  Maybe you got a defective one.  It happens.


I think the problem is just with longer videos…and maybe that SMC doesn’t rip DVDs (which is understandable given the DMCA). With the iPod, you can just buy the video on iTunes (Apple gives you lots of options, nearly all of which involve putting money in their pocket).

I’ve put several 30-minute episodes on the Fuze with no issue as well.

First of all, the Fuze is its weakest in video playback.  Video is rather secondary to everything else–for one, the screen is slightly larger on the Ipod, and has a higher resolution and color depth.   Had you read the many reviews on the Fuze, you would have noted this fact–I did.

Secondly, yes, the converting software isn’t the greatest.  I’ve found converting softwares in general to often be a bit dodgy.  I’d recommend installing a codec pack (such as the K-lite codec pack, but there are others) before trying to convert to video.  I myself could not get video to convert (it would just sit there doing nothing) until I installed a codec pack.  

 Secondly, through your complaining (I am not a Sandisk fanboy) you come across rather shrill and I don’t even see you elaborating on what exactly your problem was.  Was the video file just not converting? Did it give you an error message?

As for as going for an Ipod nano instead of a Fuze because of simply the video playback–what?   Both devices are NOT primarily video players.  There are much better in the way of portable video/mp3 players than both devices.  If video is the main reason you got a Fuze/get an Ipod nano, then perhaps you are looking at the wrong devices.