Converter issue?

So I bought the View today, I’d been planning to get an e280 for a while anyhow until this was announced. After poking at this all day I noticed they had finally updated that download page and posted the media converter so I could play with videos. It says it supports certain things out of the box or converting with WMP11, but I haven’t had luck with either of those.

Once I got the media converter I thought I’d be set, however it’s still not working. It works fine on photos, but whenever I attempt to do video it crashes on the progress window before it even goes anywhere, it says the cause is h264enc_r.dll, which is one of the program’s dlls, not an external codec. To be safe I tried reinstalling the software and my huge codec pack, and quicktime is also at the latest version, nothing seemed to fix it. I’ve also tried multiple videos and formats of videos, always does the same thing, any suggestions?

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Well, still no replies yet I hope I can fix this, I contacted support. I don’t suppose in the mean time anyone knows of any other software that can properly convert for this eh? I tried a couple things but it always throws the unsupported media type error at me.

just for kicks, does it work on other computers?

I’m gonna try that here in a couple, was planning to try it. I always use my laptop and desktop side by side at home, the laptop is a big time economy machine however haha.

Well it seems to be starting fine. It’s at 10% on the laptop converting so far but it’s so slow it’s taken like 20 min to get this far, assuming this actually finishes correctly and works, the problem is definately with something on the desktop machine but I can’t imagine what, hmm.

Well, the laptop just finished. Haha, 2 hours to convert 20 min of video, you can understand why I don’t want to primarily use the econo-laptop haha :wink: It looks like it’s definately a software issue on my desktop machine then though, hmm.

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I have had success usuing the K-Lite codec pack.

let me know if that works for you!