Media Converter 4.220 is flawed - E280 to be returned!

Sharing my experience and opinion -

  1. I was impressed with the Sandisk/Sansa e280 features. Purchased it at Costco at an unbelieveable price (better then anything found on the Internet considering no tax or shipping from the net stores.

  2. Audio quality is awsome - only tried it with my exceptional Sony jogging headphones.

  3. The bad news: Spent many hours trying to convert various WMV’s and MPG’s created by Roxio/Sonic 7.5 that otherwise play flawlessly and can be read and manipulated by all sorts of media converter apps only to experience it to HANG at 93% for many video files, not complete for some JPG images.

  4. I read all the comments at this board and realized, sandisk does not care or decided to use us as their test and debug team.

  5. Sandisk must have experienced these problems or they release s/w after succeeding on one pc with one file.

  6. Whatever I purchase must work 100% or it goes back.  Great price notwithstanding, I am not paid to be Sandisk’s Beta tester.  The Media Converter was released 11/15/07.  They had enough to read at this forum to solve the problem … if they cared?  BTW: I also tried the ARCSOFT media converter.  NG.

  7. Hint to others - before you try new s/w, always back up your PC so you can restore the PC to EXACTLY the way it was before you started.  Foo! 86 MB media Converter - that was nonsense.  And you are better off restoring your system from like a Ghost image then to rely on the uninstall that comes with s/w that leaves stuff on your system.

  8. I’ll check back periodically.  When the Media Converter has been updated a few times, I MIGHT repurchase the e280 or whatever is next.

  9. Finally, as for other Sandisk products, I love the Cruser Titanium Flashdrives.  I would not own anything else.


It’s like they built a great product but stopped at 90% done.

To me the video is a nice extra but it’s not the reason I bought the player, so I’m ok with it.

how exactly do you delete the videos you put onto your sansa?

i have no clue…

e200 v2- you can delete files on the player

Others, plug it into the computer and delete them with windows…