DVD Catalyst ?

I found this subject to convert videos for my new cell phone (Droid) and searched and found 2 posts on this forum.

Anyone have exerpience with it?


Links to the SanDisk Forum posts

DVD Catalyst Can Do Sansa Converstions

Sansa Video Conversion (Message 6)


from the cell phone forum

DVD Catalyst actually handles most DVDs without the need of any additional software. Just pop-in a DVD, and it will handle it. Some of the newer DVDs have a more advanced protection system that includes some form of scene scrambling. Movies like Transformers 2, Star Trek and GI Joe have this, as well as a few X-Men Animated TV DVDs. This protection system is not fully DVD standard compliant, and even some stand-alone DVD players have issues with these DVDs.

While DVD Catalyst can handle these DVDs for conversion, it is not capable of fixing the scene order, so for these DVDs, the only full-proof solution for success is to use SlySoft’s AnyDVD. ANyDVD acts as a layer between the actual DVD disc, and a DVD conversion tool such as DVD Catalyst (or Handbrake for example) and redirects requests from the conversion program to the proper location on the DVD. It works on the fly, which means that you don’t have to rip the DVD to your harddrive first.

Just thought I’d put it out there if anyone knew anything or was interested…