DVD Catalyst Can Do Sansa Connect Media Conversions

For those still tinkering with their video conversions, DVD Catalyst–the best app, IMHO, for converting video/DVDs to handheld devices–can make a proper video file for the Sansa Connection.  The trick is to make an IPOD/3gp1_acc video codec file, and then rename the file extension *.mp4.  This allows you to play with file size, resolution, sound, etc. rather than the simple defaults of Sansa Media software.

For more specific information, the DVD Catalyst forum can be reached here http://www.pocketdvd.ca/mforum/ and under “DVD Catalyst 3” directory, you’ll find the Sansa post.

DVD Catalyst–with whom I have no affiliation other than that they have made me a happy user–is reasonably priced (under $20), is constantly updated, and developer Mitch is very responsive in the forums.  It will make Sansa-usable videos from vob files and commercial DVDS, which, obviously, Sansa Media can’t do.