can i put whole dvd’s on my sansa@fuze and if so how do i do it

Here is a free link that will rip your DVD into AVI.  It will put the whole movie into on the Fuze.  Enjoy


If you wanna putting DVD’s to email, .FLV/.MP4 will be a good choice saved from DVDs. So, you need some dvd ripper software to assist you…

For DVD fans, Handbrake is no stranger as a free DVD Ripping software. If you just rip DVDs now and then or have no special requirements like editing, adjust parameter for DVD Movies. Handbrake is quite qualified for Ripping DVD to FLV/MP4.

You can get the last version Handbrake

At the same time,  DVD purchased or rented from stores always have copyright protections. You can try something called Best dvd ripper, it is able to rip dvds to computer in 1:1. it is also capable to save dvd to computer in regular video format AVi/MP4/FLV/MKV/… it can bypass all kind of dvd copyright protection schemes, so it is able to rip copyright protected dvd movies.

Not like some ordinary DVD rippers, it will not break the video into pieces, it will join all DVD titles and chapters and make them as one standalone video file, thus you can play it on your USB drive

I smell spam.

Handbrake has dropped XviD and the AVI container altogether. Good luck getting it to work.

Come to think of it, DivX Plus is now MKV. It’s a MKV/MP4 world. AVI should hopefully soon join VCD/SVCD in bitbucket heaven.