duplicate files added, sloooooow playback

I have a Sansa Fuze 8GB (v 2.02.26) and am using Windows XP Media Center SP3. 

I have used WMP to add files and playlists to the Fuze, and while that (eventually) went fine (the playlists were the problem, not the files) I was listening to it today and have the following problems:

  1. Playback is S-L-O-W. Not playing one file itself, but changing tracks is very slow. There is a large gap between track changes, regardless of whether shuffle is on or off, or how many files are on the playlist.

  2. I have duplicates/doubles of almost every file on my Fuze, and almost all of my 8GB is taken up with under 1,500 files? I don’t know how this happened, since I had deleted *everything* from the Fuze before re-starting the sync because it failed so many times.  

This thing isn’t very old, so I hope it’s not already on its last legs. My e200 lasted a *very* long time and wasn’t half as much of a pain to use :  Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I have just sync-ed with WMP and there are about 200 files on the Fuze. When I go through the My Computer > Sansa Fuze there is nothing there!  Then, I deleted all the files through WMP but I somehow still only have 3GB of free space on the Fuze, and there is *still* nothing on the Fuze when I search it through the “My Computer” route. There’s also nothing when I search with WMP, but when I unplug the device there are 900 files on it. Colour me confused. 

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Under Settings/System Settings is USB Mode. MTP lets Windows Media Player control the unit. MSC lets My Computer see it as a flash drive, for direct drag-and-drop.  Auto Detect goes to MTP if you have WMP 10 or 11 on your computer, MSC if not. 

Here’s the fun part: Your computer can only see files added in one mode at a time–EITHER MTP or MSC, not both. That’s why My Computer can’t see them.

The Fuze doesn’t care how they got there, it sees them all. 

So it’s possible you added the files in a different USB mode–or had it connected to a different computer in Auto-- and got dupes. It’s also possible that WMP is having one of its little freakouts. 

I’d suggest that you go to Settings and FORMAT the unit which will erase everything you have put on it (so make sure you have backups before you Format). Then, with everything cleaned out, pick a mode yourself, not Auto, and add the songs again.  I like MSC and doing it myself, but if you like syncing with WMP, go for MTP mode. 

ah OK that explains the weird files. But what about the slowness? I have all the latest firmware, but changing tracks is still very slow if it is nearly full?

You should try DuplicateFilesDeleter program