Drive keeps dropping out of raid with errors

Hi all,

I just got 2 of these 120GB drives the other day and had them setup in a RAID 0.  One keeps showing up with errors and i have to reset it in the Intel RST center.   So i ended up re-loading windows on a single drive, and the speeds seem a little disappointing. 

I have it plugged into the sataIII port of a Gigabyte GA-z68MA-D2H-B3 with intel RST drivers loaded and all SSD tweaks suggested on the web.

Here are the results of ATTO:

Any suggestions?  Disappointed so far.

did you do a fresh install or cloan? 

from the looks of the speed it seems to be negotiating in SATA II. i will check to see if i can find more info on your board. 

have you tried the other SATA ports. from what i can find that board has both SATA II and SATA III ports. you may be plugged into a SATA II port. 

i reinstalleed windows and it seems to be working correctly now.  I also disabled S3/S6 in the bios.