I have the 120g extreme ssd disk I have windows 7 64bit ultimate.Mi intalado team is X58A-UD9 gigabyte i7 990x 24GB of RAM at 1600MHz 4x gtx 580 I have it connected to SATA 3 6GB / s has made ​​a clean install windows twice I octimizado with all options for the fence faster disk I turned ahci in the bios the problem is that writing is very slow to make it read 125 and 360 will not be about anything they say the data is rendimiento.Esto translation of google I do not speak English but Spanish

Download ATTO benchmark and use it to benchmark the drive. Post the results. 

your board has SATA 3.0 and SATA 6.0 ports. make sure you are connected to a SATA 6.0 port and that you are using SATA 6.0 cables. 

do not know how I can upload the data to help

screen shot ATTO upload it to an image sharing site and link it in your post. 

this is the data capture atto

is connected with a certificate giving new cable sata 3 6/gb

what SATA port are you plugged into? SATA ports 0 through 5 are SATA 3 Gb ports. SATA ports 6 and 7 are your SATA 6Gb ports.

I only have two ports sata 3 6 gb or two sata 3 gb of course this plugged into sata 6 gb I have tried in the two sata 3 6 gb and gives the same results and atto but crystalmark disk results are worst

your board actually has 8 SATA ports. 6 SATA 3Gb and 2 SATA 6Gb. You could be plugged into a SATA 3Gb port. Below i linked the specs for your board that tell you how many ports you have.

The crystal mark benchmark uses uncompressable data so it will always show lower performance. The speeds advertized are sequential pattern compressed data. 

takes reason you’ve been looking at Jan manual but I have it plugged in sata 3 6/gb but I have another question may be that you have installed windows without having enabled ahci in the bios could be that the problem.The other optimizacines for disk ssd in windows are made

have encuenta that all my post are translated with bing

technically AHCI should be enabled before install but you can enable AHCI after install. you need to make a registry change first so the correct driver will be loaded. Microsoft has a fix it tool built you can use or you can do it manually. 

There is a program called AS SSD. download that and run it and post a screen shot. It will show the SATA driver you are using and the disk alignment in the upper left corner. It will let us know if you have AHCI configured correctly. 

Here is the most data.Remember that all drivers are up to date and that conocco well my motherboard have been with her since that went on sale but even so I’m open to suggestions.I have put the bios f6 but now put the bios date f6e 01/17/2012 STOA are the data of crystaldiskmark.I already installed windows 3 times but if you believe that not compromise ahci bios prior to installing the OS doesn’t matter to me install it again and see that.Many thanks in advance.

CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 x64 © 2007-2010 hiyohiyo
                           Crystal Dew World :

* MB/s = 1,000,000 byte/s [SATA/300 = 300,000,000 byte/s]

           Sequential Read :   345.381 MB/s
          Sequential Write :   130.209 MB/s
         Random Read 512KB :   328.985 MB/s
        Random Write 512KB :   122.894 MB/s
    Random Read 4KB (QD=1) :    23.978 MB/s [  5854.0 IOPS]
   Random Write 4KB (QD=1) :    63.225 MB/s [15435.8 IOPS]
   Random Read 4KB (QD=32) :   122.833 MB/s [29988.5 IOPS]
  Random Write 4KB (QD=32) :   129.336 MB/s [31576.2 IOPS]

  Test : 1000 MB [C: 37.0% (41.3/111.7 GB)] (x5)
  Date : 2012/06/26 23:24:18
    OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Edition SP1 [6.1 Build 7601] (x64)

These are the facts of AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark 1.5.3784.37609
Name: SanDisk SDSSDX120GG25 SCSI Disk Device
Firmware: R201
Controller: mvs91xx
Offset: 103424 K - OK
Size: 111,79 GB
Date: 26/06/2012 23:29:34
Read: 260,14 MB/s
Write: 93,70 MB/s
Read: 20,25 MB/s
Write: 53,85 MB/s
Read: 119,68 MB/s
Write: 83,64 MB/s
Access Times:
Read: 0,158 ms
Write: 0,234 ms
Read: 166
Write: 147
Total: 398

it looks like you are connected to the SATA 6Gb posts since it says you are connected to the Marvel SATA chipset. I will do some research on the Marvel chipset and see if there are any compatiblity issues. what I am not seeing is the driver being used. Try the fixit linked below and see if that changes the ATTO results also post the AS SSD info after trying the fixit.

Thank you very much here has new data with the bios  f6e


how about the As SSD pic? 

I do not understand but this is the Readme to full size.Today I leave I have to sleep.Thank you tomorrow see

that is the ATTO benchmark info. I would like to see the AS SSD screen shot so we can see what driver is now being used.

the driver is marvell as been seen in AS SSD Benchmark

I seem to have more speed consiguido in activating extreme bios hard drive (XHD)