Sandisk Extreme 240GB Benching slow (Win 7 + Asus P8Z68-V Pro)

I’ve been lucky enough to get a great price on this Sandisk Extreme 240GB, and its benching pretty slow - looking at review sites like

It seems like this SSD should be hitting at least 500MB/s, but I seem to be getting around 340MB/s. 

Here are my specs

  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (Cloned Sector by Sector from older Sata 2 60GB SSD) 
  • Intel i7-2k600 (overclocked to 4.7Ghz)
  • 12 GB PC3200 Ram
  • Asus P8Z68-V Pro motherboard (using newest Sata drivers here:
  • I’ve also used 2 different Sata cables - not that it matters, one of them is marked as Sata 3 600MB/s
  • Why does AS SSD showing 102912 K - OK? Isnt that supposed to be 1024K? That looks kind of fishy. 
  • Bios is set to AHCI mode

I’ve taken a suite of benchmarks and theyre all consistently lower than other review sites -

Is it because i did a clone of my old Windows drive? The last picture shows slower speeds up to 70GB - which is about the side of the cloned drive

Any advise would be greatly appreciated - should i try and exchange this for another? 325MB/s is plenty fast, but still only about 60% of what other sites are showing

Thanks much 

I’ve also used 2 different Sata cables - not that it matters, one of them is marked as Sata 3 600MB/s

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Your board has both Intel and Marvel SATA 6.0Gb ports. Which ones are you using? You best bet will be to use the Intel ports and make sure you are using the Intel RST driver. I have head of some issues with Marvel controllers. 

The drive alignment looks OK. It does not really matter what the number is as long it shows up green and is evenly divisible by 4 you should be fine. 

The driver name in the AS SSD benchmark is “mv91xx” indicates that the SSD is connected to the Marvel chipset. 

@jerrolds: You have to use the gray SATA ports for the SSD those are connected to the Intel chipset.

Yup that was the issue - i guess Sata 3 6GB/s isnt really true when it comes to Marvell

heres some updated benches - seems to be more inline - i guess i dont need to exchange it

Thanks for the help guys

Hi jerrolds, 
How did you manage to solve ?
I have the same exact issue. 
Cloned from another ssd, and it states that is a 
mv91xx …

How did you manage to change to a iaStor ?
My mother board is a asus rampage III formula.