240 GB Extreme SSD Posting SATA II Speeds on SATA III Port

CrystalDiskMark using compressable data: http://snag.gy/XnFOO.jpg Seems slow to me. Fresh install of Win 7 64 Pro with latest drivers. This is on an HP Pavilian p7-1174 using a Hudson-D3 chipset. Documentation shows that it has 6 SATA III ports. I have the SSD hooked up, DVD burner, a 1.5 TB HDD, and a 500 GB HDD. BIOS mode set to AHCI. The hard drives are running at SATA II and SATA I speeds respectively. CrystalDiskInfo shows SSD as SATA III. Why is it slow? Is it the chipset? Like the chipset just can’t handle it? Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

can you benchmark using ATTO benchmark and post the results?

Sure. Sorry for the delay. http://snag.gy/luQrC.jpg

What firmware version are you using? The SanDisk SSD toolkit will show the firmware version if you do not know. 

Also what documentation are you looking at that shows SATA 6Gb? The only HP page I can can find only shows the SATA 3Gb 1.5TB drive for storage in the specs. 

I updated the firmware when I got it to the latest R211.

This is the overall spec sheet for my computer

This is the detailed motherboard specs (found under motherboard specs on overall spec sheet)

It has sata III ports, but it comes with a sata II drive.

Which SATA port is the SSD connected on? I have a MB that has both Intel SATA III ports and ADATA SATA ports and the 2 that are using the ADATA controller are really slow but when I connect to the SATA ports that use the Intel controller the speed is normal. Have you tried all the SATA ports?

No, I have not tried all SATA ports. They are all supposed to be SATAIII, but I will try the rest and report back.

They all may be SATA III but they very well may have different SATA chipsets. Like I said if i connect to the SATA III ports that use the ADATA SATA controller on my MB i get about the same speed. The SATA ports that use the Intel controller do not have the same issue. 

Tried 4 of the remaining 5 ports, all give reasonably the same sata II speeds. The fifth port is a pita to get too and I don’t see it giving different speeds.

you didnt by any chance install the R211m fimrware did you?

I used the SSD toolkit to update the firmware. I’ve since formatted the thumbdrive used but I believe it was the R211 firmware. SSD toolkit reports that SSD is using R211 firmware. I’m assuming it would report R211m if using that firmware.

No it would be reporting R211m if that was installed. It may be a compatibility issue with the SATA chipset. Would you have any other PC to try the drive with? It seems to be locked at SATA II on your PC.