downloading audiobooks from WMP

I have already uploaded one audio book to my new sanza fuze, and it worked ok, although I couldn’t get it to add to the audiobook folder, I had to add it to music.  Now I have added more books to my library on Windows media player and whenever I connect my Sanza fuze to my laptop, it automatically starts writing books RANDOMLY to the fuze, even if I have not yet opened WMP.  If I try to click on the Sanza fuze icon under my computer, to delete things, it says the device is busy and won’t let me do anything.  What I am doing wrong??


The problem is Windows Media Player. Its default is to automatically start dumping everything in its library into the poor little unsuspecting Sansa.

Find Tools on Windows Media Player. It might be hidden–right-click on the very top of the window,  where it says Windows Media Player on the left, and the menu with Tools should appear. Go to Tools/Options/Devices. Connect the Fuze, and Refresh. Two entries should appear for the Fuze. 

Highlight Sansa Fuze  Internal Memory, click Properties. Where it says something like Synch when device is connected, un-check that. Do the same for the External Memory. 

Congratulations. You are now in control. 

Audiobooks is misleading. It is only for one kind of Audiobook: Audible books, which have a special file type, .aa. Mp3 or wma files, which are used by other audiobooks, show up under Music. The Fuze groups those files by what it reads in ID3 tags, data that’s in the files with Title, Album, etc.–not by the folders where you have put them.

You can search by actual Folders–as the last option under Music–if you upgrade to the newer Fuze firmware. Look near the top of the first forum page for how to do that.