Doesn't play songs after removing them and recopying them at a smaller sampling speed

Ok, here’s what happened with my 8GB clipzip: Copied songs that I owned (from both CD’s and purchased

online) into a  playlist on the sandisk mp3 player from my laptop, they worked fine. Then I discoved I could save a lot

of space by copying them from the laptop at 64kbps. So I deleted the songs and playlist and recopied them at 64 kbps.

Now the picture shows up on the player for some of the songs but then it just skips and goes to the first one that it

can play. It looks like it can play the songs I copied from CD’s, but the songs I purchased online from amazon are

no longer playing. (One difference is that the songs from the CD’s were already at 64 kbps). So I assume it’s some kind of licensing problem, but they were all playing before I made the change. So does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it?


With an 8GB internal memory and a card slot to where you can add up to 32GB (or even 64GB) more, why on earth would you down-sample your music files to 64kbps? That bit-rate is fine for audiobooks and podcasts but with music you are only hearing about 40% of what the original artist gave you.

To your problem though . . . tell us how and/or with what program you reduced the quality of these files. That has got to be the reason they are not playing now where they did before.

Is there a Sandisk professional here to answer questions? Not everyone listens to 3 min crap,

and I know how to use Windows media player, that’s all you need to convert to 64kbps. And the human ear can’t distinguish anything difference in quality once you get beyond 40 kbps.


_ 40 _ kbps?  With all due respect, I can/could . . . .

Personally, I can tell the different between 192 and 256kbps, so please don’t assume nobody can tell the difference above 40kbps, which by the way isn’t even a a legitimate setting. It goes from 64kbps down to 32kbps.

As I said before, if you tell us more about the files, how they were ripped, etc. maybe some one can help you. Possibly even a “professional”. This “non-professional” as you describe me though will offer this . . . Are they .mp3 of .wma format? Mp3 format has no licensing capabilities so if they are in this format, you will have to look elsewhere for the cause. Windows Media Player however, rips by default to .wma, and not only that, but in ‘copy protected’ format which does have licensing tags in the files. You have to change the Rip settings from the default to avoid problems.

I don’t know as WMP will convert those files (successfully) from Amazon down to a lower bit-rate, so that may be your issue. One other question . . . how many total files do you have on the player and/or memory card? If you’re using extremely low bit-rate, and consequently smaller files, you may have quite a few of them on there. There is a database limitation on this player that is ‘officially’ 8000 tracks, but in real life it’s more like 5000. If you have anywhere near this many tracks (or more) that’s probably your problem.

But then, that’s only my non-professional opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this thread keeps going, not only for the banter, but also because my Clip+ won’t play anything bought online from Amazon or and I can’t for the life of me think of why!


And what you’re buying is not DRM-protected, right?  (I’ve purchased from Amazon without any playing issue on the Clip, btw.) 

Thought of the DRM thing, but amazon and Play sourced stuff plays fine on my tablet and my old Rio Karma (RIP). Just wondered if there was something else I was missing (win media player used to sync music to the card wouldn’t be the culprit, would it?)

Odd.  I’m not a Windows Media sorta guy–I wonder, will the difficult files play if you transfer them to your player “manually”:–that is, by good old copy and paste?