Does the clip+ has a limitation on how many songs it can be filled with?

I am not sure if the clip + can hold up to 24,000 songs i have in my hard disk ( ~22 gb of mainly ogg files). If i buy the 8 gb and add a sdhc card of 16gb will it blow it? and will it take ages to start up? thx

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As far as I’m aware, the size of the song collection does not affect the start-up time.  But if you add to or subtract from the memory, the player refreshes the database and that’s where it takes time.  Can be multiple minutes–people have posted refresh times here (try a search here on “refresh”).

You won’t be able to get 24,000 songs recognized by the player and accessible  on a Clip+. The song limit is stated as 8,000, however it may be less than this if you deeply nest folders, or choose long folder names or filenames. If you keep folder names and filenames short and don’t deeply nest files, you can expect to get up to around 8,000 songs being recogbized by the player.

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Since the OP wants to add such a vast collection onto the clip+ and a card, shouldn’t the potential size of the database be considered?  From what I understand, the database will grow as the number of files grow.  The amount of memory needed isn’t partitioned off and if there isn’t enough room for the whole database upon refresh, wouldn’t the OP get an error message?

The Fuze and Clip + have very similar architecture.  Judging on the song limit on the Fuze, I believe the Clip + will support up to 8000 songs. 

Now with VERY general metrics, @ 128bit encoding a 2GB player can hold approx 500 songs.  This equates to 4GB per 1000 songs.

Using this logic, the Clip + would hold 8000 songs which corresponds to approx 32GB total storage. 

While this is mostly acceptable for the current 16GB SDHC cards out there (a maxed out Clip + would top out at approx 24GB).  When the 32GB MicroSD cards hit the market, even a basic 2GB fuze with a 32GB card would max out the 8000 limit.

If you are encoding at 64Kbit, it is possible already to max out the limit.

The Fuze went from 4000 to 8000 with the latest firmware.  It is hoped that when 32GB cards become a “reality” that they will increase the limit again.  Again if you go by the general 500 song per 2GB @ 128bit forumula, A fully maxed out Clip+ / Fuze should have a minimum 10000 song limit to the database.