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I have put some 1997 tracks  (WMA/MP3)on the clip but have some 2/3 gb left. However althrough albumsand tracks over 1997 show up on Computer via media player  any tracks/Albums over 1997 do not show up on clip is there a reason

Never had that many Files on my 8GB clip… It is full with something about 1000 Files…

Sorry I can not help!


Äh, yess 1000 Musik Files… and its working, as far as I know :smiley:

I guess there may be a song limit of around 2,000 songs. The Fuze has a song limit of around 4,000 songs, however that will be increased to 8,000 with the next firmware update. Will the Clip’s limit be raised? The Fuze has a card slot though. At 128 kbps and a 3 minute song average, 8 gigs could hold around 2,900 songs. I guess when the Clip was first released, Sandisk didn’t anticipate making an 8 gig model. Will there be a 16 gig Clip? If so, then a 2,000 song limit would of course be much too small. While many people use 192 kbps or higher bitrate, there are still many using 128 kbps.

Do you know when sandisk will upgrade the clips firmware . What date will the fuze update due

if you do a search for 8 gb clip file limit it says that the limit is 4000 files like the fuze

there seems to be some miss understandings The 8gb clip holds appx depending on size of music file up to 2000 songs. I acn not find any thing that says its 4000 songs.

"if you do a search for 8 gb clip file limit it says that the limit is 4000 files like the fuze "

With which firmware? Perhaps he has an earlier version of the firmware with a 2,000 file limit?

according to sandisk I have the latest firmware v10.01.16

Did Sandisk mention anything about the file limit? It seems too coincidental that you seem to be finding a limit at around 2,000 files(an even multiple of 1,000). If you were having this trouble at around 2,300 or 2,700 files for example, then I would not think it might be a limit on the number of files. The fact that the player can hold the files, but that they don’t appear on the player when searching for songs, is what people experienced on the Fuze at around 4,000 songs. Since when the Fuze was first released the max size was 8 gigs, and the maximum card size then was 8 gigs, thus 16 gigs total, it might stand to reason that an 8 gig Clip might have half the song limit of the Fuze. I haven’t heard anyone say that they have over 2,000 songs on a Clip. My Clip is just 4 gigs, and I use 256 kbps for music.The podcasts I have are at a low bitrate, however they are long, so the filesize isn’t so small.

Did you try forcing the player to rebuild the directory(connecting in MSC mode and deleting mtable.sys, forcing the player to rebuild it)?

     8 gb clip file limit
    since we now have a 8 gb clip will the file limit be the same as the fuzes with about 4000 files

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