Download limit?

Just recently upgraded to an 8gb clip and began to download many of my albums. However, I noticed that after quite a few cds were downloaded onto the clip, any new ones that I put on don’t show up on my album lists. I’ve also noticed that the number of tracks available on the clip stopped at 2030. Is there a limit to how many tracks you can download and listen to on the clip? I know the latest ones are on there as they show up on my computer, but are not available to listen to on the clip. Any help would be appreciated.

There probably have a limit look at the fuze they limit was i think 4000.the recent update took it up to 8000

it depends on the music files you put on the device…if your files are large and took up all the space, then of course you will not be able to play all of them…so first check to see if the device actually has free space left for you to put your contents…also, try update the player to the latest firmware

Fixed the problem. While I still had plenty of memory (over 4 GBs worth left) any new songs that would be downloaded onto the clip wouldn’t show up on the player (but would be listed in the MUSIC file on the computer). It seems that there is a download limit, but after downloading the newest firmware onto the clip all songs downloaded arenow listed and playable, all 3974 of them. Anyone else have this problem, that’s the answer.